Linux in Romania > Free Unix for Romania, Soros Grant

						December 1st, 1993
						Montreal, Canada

Hello, everyone:

I have the pleasure of announcing that Free UNIX for Romania was awarded
by the Soros Foundation for an Open Society - Romania a grant of
10,000US$. This is the maximum amount allowed by the rules of the
Foundation, which should make us proud. However, such grants cannot be
awarded to the same organization twice.

The award should be used exclusively for buying computer science books
(especially in the area of UNIX) for the universities in Romania.

My thanks go first of all to the Soros Foundation for an Open Society -
Romania (with special thanks to Mr. Dragos Munteanu) for the
appreciation they have shown for our enthusiasm and efficiency and for
understanding our needs at a crucial juncture in spreading the  UNIX and
internet information/culture in Romania.

Indeed, Openness is the word today, and the Romanian people need all the
information and all the capabilities that can result from direct access
to the large computerized sources of knowledge in the world. It's a 
competitive world, let's help them.

Also, warm thanks to all to the volunteers that have supported our
project throughout its existence. The results and efficiency of our work
have collected praise both in Romania and internationally. Let us
continue at the same level of dedication and intensity. Your individual
donations are very important for us in our effort of securing grants
such as this. They convince the donors of the degree of involvement of
the participants and of the hard work we are willing to put in in order
to achieve our targets. Your donations, both financial and in work, have
provided the leverage needed to convince sponsors. Continue to give, and
we will be given even more.

One year later after founding this drive, we are on target in most of
the areas. More progress can be only be made by interesting more people
in Romania in the benefits of free software. Let's do it convincingly,
let's offer them a refuge from the growing costs of commercial software,
but a refuge at a high professional level.

The books which are already being shipped to Romania for most of the
amount of the grant will make a sizable contribution to the advancement
of computer science, email and internetworking in Romania.  

Once again, our thanks to the Soros Foundation for an Open Society 
- Romania and to all participants in our project.

Marius Hancu

Founder and Coordinator
Free UNIX for Romania