Linux in Romania > Message, 1994

						September 21, 1994

Hello, everyone:

Two years ago, I started Free Unix for Romania with the vision of free
software spreading like forest fire all over Romania. To a large extent,
that vision proved to be true. We have hundreds of installations of free
Unix-es (linux or *BSD), including some remote places in the country.
I really believe we have contributed to the freedom of choice of the
Romanian software professionals and hackers/hobbysts.

The Romanian networks are in much better shape than two years ago, even
if a lot remains to be done as we speak ... The Romanian presence on
Internet is much stronger, various informational servers were installed,
many by participants to our drive.

The Romanian international community proved itself its solidarity with
the students and professionals in Romania in many ways, and I was proud
to share this feeling. Many other people, especially from the Internet
community provided precious contributions.

During this time of great efforts, I was lucky to receive the help and
cooperation of great many people. To you all, I am grateful for the

On the financial side, Free Unix for Romania is balanced now. We were
able to spend with good purpose whatever the generous donors entrusted
to us. As I mentioned once, I much prefered the Los Angeles Olympics for
the fact that John Ueberoth was able to put together a great show that
finally came up with a profit, because this indicated the involvement of
a nation and its business community in the event. In our case, the
success was measured in how we convinced other people to participate,
financially and in many other ways. 

There is a rite of passage in everything, and I feel this is the right
time for me to move towards other horizons and targets in my career and life
and I need to be able to make the full commitment necessary in those
areas. Personally, I feel I realized whatever I set forth for me in this
project. However, I also feel that Free Unix for Romania as an organization
has a future and purpose that remain valid, independently of my personal

The "olympic torch" at Free Unix for Romania will be passed from me to
Teodor (Ted) Lungu from NASA, who takes over immediately as a coordinator. 

This is my personal choice, based on the important contributions Ted has made
to Free Unix for Romania and to the Romanian community on the Internet. 
Our organization is based on the personal and individual initiative of
many, and I think this should remain the same. Thus I transfer to Ted
all the decision power coming with a non-profit organization, well
established in the Romanian international community. I am convinced that
Ted will be able to find other ways to develop and grow this
organization. His job is a strategic one, and I hope that many of you will
help him in defining the details and assisting in implementing them.

It is my pleasure to present this short bio of Ted, written by himself:

"Am absolvit facultatea de Automatica si Calculatoare - Sectia Software
(IPB/PUB) in '80. Am fost cercetator la ITC/CCAB intre 80 si 88 si am
urmat cursurile facultatii de Matematica de la Universitatea din
Bucuresti intre 84 si 88. Din 88 lucrez la NASA/JPL/Caltech la modelul
matematic si programele pentru UARS, un satelit care studiaza
distrugerea stratului de ozon din atmosfera Pamantului.

I got a degree in Software Engineering from the Polytechnic University
of Bucharest in 1980. I worked as a research engineeer at the Institute
for Computer Technology in Bucharest between 1980 and 1988. Between '84
and '88 I studied Mathematics at the University of Bucharest. Since 1988
I work for NASA/JPL/Caltech in Pasadena, California, where I do the
model and software for the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite launched
in 1991 with the mission to study the depletion of Earth's ozone layer."

Following are his coordinates:

Keywords:       Remote Sounding, Retrieval Theory, Sequential
                Image Processing
Name:           Teodor A. Lungu
Address:        Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
                California Institute of Technology,
                Microwave Atmospheric Science Group,
                4800 Oak Grove Dr,
                Pasadena CA USA  91109
Phone:          (818) 354-4331
Fax:            (818) 393-5065

I hope all of you will support Ted in the same way you did with me.

>From now on, my connection with Free Unix for Romania will be
limited to the title of founder and first coordinator, which will
always be a subject of pride to me. Please direct all your donations and
requests to Ted from now on. I have delegated to him whatever
responsibility and decision power comes with the job of coordinator. 

For a short time only, I will continue to be involved in the following
- the transition of the coordinator's functions to Ted and personal
advice to him during this period
- presenting to the Soros Foundation the final report concerning the
book donation granted during my tenure as coordinator
- efforts to re-connect PUB to the Internet

During these two years of (sometimes) extreme efforts, I was supported
by many people to which I am very grateful for their dedication and
amazing capacity of effort.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours. 

Va multumesc din inima si va doresc succes tuturor. Romaniei, ce pot sa
ii doresc mai mult decat a spus-o atat de bine Eminescu ...

Marius Hancu